A game about you and your crew.. your very stupid crew
testing Space Marines for 40K fangame
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A virtual window.. load onto your TV, and pretend you are somewhere else
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the jam's over, but I could use some help finishing this over next week..
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broken test battle system for "Life of a Space Marine"
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now i understand why nobody's ever done a yo-yo simulator
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unofficial Space 1999 fangame (i just wanted to try and make a flight sim in space)
it started out as a nice map of Dune, but I couldn't figure out how to make sandworms work
Maze walking simulator based on HP Lovecraft story
a Good Omens fangame
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Manage your kingdom. Change your faith. Trust no one.
Test stuff for a "World War 1 in Space" game in a dark and Mythic universe.

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