A downloadable game for Windows

Download link all the way at the bottom of text

Unofficial Warhammer 40,000 Fangame "Victory Exterminatus Extremis"

"V.E.E.".. not the game that I want to make, but as close as I can get to the game I can make.  (404 megs.. gonna try and get that down)

Navigate an Imperial Voidship in the year 30027 from Holy Terra to a random Sector in the Galaxy to pick up the Imperial Tithe and return with it to Terra.  (I'm trying to narrow down the scope of my game and add some gameplay... ultimatly though I want to make a starship combat sim)

Unfinished... so far the Player can start game, pick 1 ship, and fly around Luna and the Solar System and Warpspace some.

Oct 11.. Merging some of the stuff from "life of a space marine" into main game. 

New Vid, and New upload today

Aug 27. New version upload


Aug 26. Working on Ork Empires.. trying to emulate the look and feel of orks in the galaxy in the new ork codex. so.. big green squares.. (which will trigger when Player enters colldier box).. here we see a smattering of ork empires within the Galaxy and surrounding the galaxy lots of warpstorms.. 


RealJourneyToTerra_October.zip 392 MB


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Is this gonna be worked on anymore?

ivwill never give up on my dream game. ..

But.. i need some help, a writer, some direction. And, i might have to make some changes after GW changed their IP policy.. like, a return to parody, like 40k started as..

You know, what i want. Is, like, the Player is the 2nd or 11th Primarch, and he manages the legion, and experiences as much 40k history as they can before they die

great game man nice camera angles

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August Notes

Aug 23.. working on WAAAGH!s uploading some new versions.. no idea how the WAAGhs will effect performance right now as they are kinda chaotic, random. 

Actually.. havea bug.. something involveing ork WAAGH placement,,  Game will crash sometimes after ship selection.. just alt-tab and try again?.. maybe because of ork or warpstorm placement.. no crash, but Player object never shows up. 

Aug 22.. confusing image above.. but we see the Player's home sector.. a Red spherical Battle/crusade happening nearby.. and several little ork "waaghs".. The eye of Terror and some galactic clouds in the background.. Sector fleet not too far away guarding the area.. lets see... inside the Sector box, we can see a 30Lightyear sphere, and a larger 300 lightyear sphere showing range outside the box.  those white streaky things near the center, show the currents of the warp for those worlds.. 

Aug 21.. New Download,... cycle is complete.. Player can leave Terra, wander the Solar System and the Galaxy, and can return.. still needs some adjustment.. but now I can start adding some gameplay and "interesting situations" .... ok.. well the Frigate is working for transitions.. but the Star Galleon is not.. working on that.. 

Aug 20... Warpspace is almost exactly the way I envisioned it in my head.. I'm very happy.... well it still needs some turmoil and roiling clouds of terror


Aug 19th... changed the starting location back to starting at a random Imperial Sector.. so Player may start close to Terra, or be on the otherside of the Galaxy.. 

Aug 18... hey, it uploaded, and even though there is nothing for the Player to do, i think it looks nice (I'm kinda trying to copy the style of the old art, from the 80s and 90s)

Aug 17.. still having trouble uploading the game.. failed to upload all day yesterday


Aug 16.. OOPS.. download was broken most of the day, is fixed now. ...  Working on getting the basic "leave Terra, Fetch and Return" cycle and improving graphics, I think.. Galaxy is barren as it only has one star, Sol. 

Big thanks to Francesca Baerald who's map of the Sol system in M31 inspired me. ]


Aug 15, and continuing.. the game jam is over, working on "solar system map".. uploading a new version.. and got the Filesze down from 440 megs to about 340! .. so I'm happy about that..

Aug 14..  and I missed the Deadline for the Jam, again.. still working on it next week most likely... had some frustrating memory leak took me all day to find and fix (partical effects with lights with shadows, that was the problem).. so Player can still not yet leave the Solar System (thought the bug was in the "warpgate" but it was in some engine effects.).. and I also saw a real nice Map by Francesca Baerald and thought.. "now that's what I want my Solar System map to look like" (Francesca's map  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ybNZ9Q ), and so that set me back a little bit as well...

Aug 12.. fixed some errors.. Player still can't leave solar system... working on that today..being able to open a warpgate and leave..  uploaded a new version, runs much better. 450 megs download

Aug 11.. made a small video.. leaving Luna, then through the solar system a bit.. i'm not happy with the solar system bit.

Aug 10

updating my "long term project" trying to do something smaller and more focused. Not much to do now.. Player can "leave area near Luna" and fly around a basic "Solar System".. not really worth downloading at the moment. 

Aug 9.. got some basic bits working.. pretty much kinda rebuilding it from the ground up, but it's much better this way.. some of the scripts i'm updating I wrote a year and a half ago when I was first learning c# and they are very very bad. … ooh, 400 megs download, that's a lot. 

Aug 08 

Journey to Terra.. OK, I got a week.. i'm taking my "long term project" and trying to add in some gameplay, story, etc... (again).. I take you back to the year 30,021, just 7 years after the Emperor has asceneded the Golden Throne.. and I give you a ship (just a junky pre-Imperial frigate.. for now.. I mean, It doesn't even work since I took out all the code and I'm starting over, sorta.. (keeping everything that's good, but moving on)

and here is where I was 1 year ago.. 


I have a question about a annoying topic.

Right to the point: What are your thoughts about copyright and the fact, that GW likes to lash out on fan projects. I saw that you are using a lot of symbols and trademarks. Since you are in the business for quite some time, you propably know the subject better than me. Could'nt it be, that if your project grows and they are getting aware of it, that they try to stop you from going further with it?

Don't get me wrong, I would love to see where your game is going and not getting bogged down in this nonsense I mentioned above... Maybe you have some insight for me what you can do and what not, in respect to the copyright law or what you general thoughts about it is.

Have a nice day.

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good morning.. 

Copyright.. one thing I do is read over GW's IP policy every few months..  https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Intellectual-Property-Policy

so, good opportunity to take a point by point look at it.. 

``` Celebrating the Hobby

We encourage a creative hobby and love to see our fans design their own colour schemes, kit bash their models, write background for their armies, create fan fiction, come up with new scenarios and campaigns and so on. It is also great to see fan websites, blogs and forums discussing the hobby and sharing ideas, and even people dressing up as their favourite Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 characters at events.

 (ok good here, I think.. I'll just add in my notes like this, in bold inside parenthesis)

However, whatever exciting hobby activities you are working on, please do follow the guidelines below. So long as you keep within these guidelines, we are unlikely to object to your activities.

  • Keep it non-commercial. This is the big one. Whatever you are doing should be produced simply for the enjoyment of you and other hobbyists. No money should change hands! If you are receiving payment from these activities, paying someone else for them, or using them to promote a business or product, then this will likely be an infringement of one or more of our IP rights.

(CHECK, good here)

  • No professional distribution. Please do not professionally distribute (whether free of charge or for payment) anything you have produced which contains our IP.

(well.. I am not sure 100% what the above means.. is itch "professionally distributed?"... I'll wait and see on this one)

  • Do not damage our brands. Please avoid anything which may be prejudicial to the goodwill, reputation, image or prestige of our IP.

(CHECK, good here)

  • Make it clear that what you are doing is entirely unofficial. Whether it’s your club or tournament name, a domain name or the title of some fan-fiction, please make it clear from the naming, content and manner of presentation that it is unofficial. To that end, please do not exclusively use Games Workshop’s logos or marks on any of the things you are devising, and please do include the word ‘unofficial’ prominently on your website, poster or other materials. For example, don’t use ‘The Warhammer Club’ or ‘spacehulk.com’. Instead, create your own names, such as ‘The Hellfire Hunters’ or ‘cleanseandburn.com’ or other far more creative names!

(CHECK, I forget sometimes to add in the "unoffical".. and it's really only semi unofficial, since I was an official GW artist in 1993-4.. Andy Jones called me an official artist while working on that "Dark Crusaders" game)

  • Use trademarks appropriately. We spend a lot of time getting our trademarks to look how we want them. Please do not stretch or alter our trademarks.

(CHECK, doing  my best)

  • Copyright. Don’t use material protected by copyright. Please don’t use images from our website, chunks of text lifted from our publications or any of our artwork. We’d encourage you instead to write your own descriptions and maybe even draw your own pictures and maps. Never distribute copies of our publications or other protected material for free.

(CHECK, easy... basicly means dont steal other artist's work.. though I do ask people if I can use some of their fan art.. like, mainly I need 100s of Imperial fan art to make into "stained glass windows" for the voidship exteriors.  )

  • Derivative works. Be aware that if you use our copyright protected material to make something else then the thing you make will be a derivative work and you should not claim that anyone other than Games Workshop owns copyright over Games workshop-owned IP or derivatives of it. So if you draw a picture or write a story and it includes Blood Angels fighting Tyranids, our Gotrek and Felix characters, or any other protected elements, then Games Workshop owns rights in those works and therefore you cannot go off and sell prints of your picture or copies of your story.

(CHECK, pretty standard)

  • Don’t share unreleased material. We love people talking about our products once they have been announced. Discussing rumours is great too, but leaking material is not. We have the right to first release of our copyrighted material. If you receive any material before we announce it, keep it secret, keep it safe and we’ll tell people about it when we are ready. We would also ask that you report any leaked material to us at infringements@gwplc.com, so that we can identify where this material originated from.

(CHECK, good here)

  • Non-commercial recasting and 3D printing. Do not cast or scan any materials based on Games Workshop’s IP. Reproduction for personal use is not an automatic exemption from copyright protection in many territories worldwide. Likewise, do not produce and distribute designs which substantially copy Games Workshop’s products (see ‘Imitations’ below).


  • Please do not contact us asking for specific permissions. We do not give express permissions except in respect of licences (see ‘Licensing’ below) but as long as you’re celebrating the hobby in accordance with this policy, we are unlikely to object to your use of our intellectual property.

(CHECK, but showing my fangame to my favorite 40K writers and artists is still cool, i think.)


We take counterfeiting very seriously as it ruins the hobby for everyone. Counterfeiters take advantage of our hobbyists and devalue both our products and your collections. We are committed to taking action against counterfeiters and to supporting victims of counterfeiting. If you have been a victim of counterfeiting then please let us know by emailing infringements@gwplc.com. Include as much information as you can and let us know as soon as possible as we may be able to help you claim a refund through services such as PayPal and eBay.

(CHECK, good here)


Producing copies of Games Workshop’s creations is an infringement of copyright; this includes copying a significant part of our creations. Making models which copy heavily from Games Workshop’s artwork, descriptions or products is therefore an infringement. Is it instantly recognisable as one of Games Workshop’s unique characters, creatures or vehicles? If so, it has likely copied a significant part and is therefore an infringement. Just because we haven’t gotten around to making the model yet doesn’t mean you can.

Using Games Workshop trade marks to name or identify products that were not created by Games Workshop is an infringement of our trade marks. It is very misleading as it suggests something is a Games Workshop product when it is not. Please ensure you do not use Game Workshop’s trademarks in product titles, category headings, adverts etc.

(CHECK, basically dont lift huge stretches of text from books and stuff.. )


If you think you have a winning idea and want to make a video game, an app, some merchandise, a movie or anything else that you will be distributing (either for free or at a cost) using Games Workshop’s IP then you need permission in the form of a license from Games Workshop. If you've got a strong vision of something you want to produce, using our imagery, and have a sound plan to make it a reality, then the people to talk to are our licensing department. They really want to hear from you! You can reach them at licensing@gwplc.com.

(CHECK, I would like to recruit a few people.. a writer, another coder or artist, an "organizer" and in another 3 years this game will be done, and I'll be ready to start working on my "Dream game")

Reporting to us

If you become aware of an infringement of Games Workshop’s IP, please drop us an email at infringements@gwplc.com. Please provide as much detail as possible and include links to the infringing material if possible. We appreciate the support of the hobby community in helping us to protect our intellectual property, and are extremely grateful for all infringement reports received. ```

(umm.... if you find some violation, maybe let me know first, give me a change to fix it)

As I was rereading your answer, I realised, I didnt even say thanks for taking your time and writing everting together. It helped, but I think GW could just say "stop" if they felt like it. But I see your case is also a bit different, beeing an former GW artist and such.

Well anyway, good luck and nice to see progress with Journey to Terra :)