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"World War 1 in Space" with a focus on dreadnaught type naval combat and ground troops in a dark and Mythic universe. 

major issues... 

oops... asteroids blow up when a lander lands on them.. in a big way. 

sometimes the ship will be destroyed, and no way to quit game but to alt-tab out

the Aim is off somehow.. and I just realized why.. maybe.. nope, that's not it... 

hitting the "Lander" button rapidly causes a crash.. investigating

Jan 30

instead of the whole game, I'll just put test stuff i'm working on in here

Today is working on the sliders... but I'm having a problem with my canvas layer in some sort of sort order fight with something else. .. and asteroids... working on Asteroids exploding, and landing troops on a small space rock....  I like my asteroids a lot, their gravity/mass doesnt' just vanish when they get destroyed but fades away over time.. like 2 mins or so. .. its a slow space simulation, slow naval combat... with ground troops. 

my issue is somewhere here..  I know, casue the image keeps flickering and the buttons wont work when image is not displayed


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