progress videos on youtube

Sept 20 Romulan Encounter.. doing my first bit of AI.. I'm trying to make the Romulans feel right.. also, they should shoot, and parts of theirs and the Klingon ship should get destroyed, and after a bit, the Romulans should cloak or scamper off.. 

Sept 19.. I'm updating the game, still to be web browser friendly (a lot of the tools I relied on, just don't work on the web.. ).. I plan to keep one scene on here (there are 4 or 5 major scenes going on in the game.. but that would make a very large download.. so I plan to also do a Desktop version, but my main goal is to make the game playable on the web..   Here is a little scenario, that I use for testing.. there are 1000 things wrong in this scene, and loads of errors that I will fix.. (havingthe game kinda public like this makes me want to get those fixes in more).. so just expect one scene here.. showing some aspect of the game, until I can make everything work together. .. 

Passion project.. porting over to being web-browser based.. been working on it a couple months... (then I got distracted by finally watching Season 1 of the Discovery show).. but what I want to do is give the Player the "captain's experience" and specifically the Klingon's point of view from the Original Series.. 

there's a lot undone, and not playable at the  moment as I've gotta readjust all the controls and the mouse wheel zoom doesn't work, and..  working on it.. 

I'll leave it open, when I'm not doing a game jam.. mostly right now I am trying to get it to run smoothly and look good in the web browser.. i'll make and post a desktop version as well.. but right now I'm just in love with making games for web browsers

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