made for Game Jam of the Week 165 (1 button mash).. so "mash" that Up Arrow button a bunch to "stoke" the Rocket's "atomic furnace"... (maybe)

its a concept that i've been working on for 2 years now.. retro style space adventure.. and I'm not much of a coder, but remade the whole concept again from scratch .. about the 4th time I've done this, and always gotten to about the same part.. 

Left & Right Arrow Keys: rotate rocket

Up Arrow: Ignite Rockets, (thrust dependant on "Atomic Furnace" value, so mash that UP button 5-9 times to get started)

Down Arrow: Full Stop

F2: toggle map dispaly

C: toggle cockpit dash display

Q: Full Stop

1-9 keys: different camera Zoom levels

END key: get out of Rocket 

Time controls: Plus, Minus and Backspace and Pause keys will change Time speed


Plan.. Player gets in Rocket, Flies to random dungeon, gets out, explores center of giant space wreck, hits the "self destruct button" and gets out, returns to rocket and lands back at the spacebase.. 

Done... made some test worlds.. 

Download version all the way at the bottom on page

Day AFTER game jam... Uploading a new version, basicly just a title screen, just can't stop working on it... but next week, I'm thinking of doing something with no graphics at all.. maybe.  I updated the Download version.I'll keep the WebGl version the same for a while. . gave it a title screen,.. character plays better.. still needs alot of work.. 

game concept from 2 years ago .. i think it's fun to see how the idea has progressed

and from last year

Day 6 Sept 10th.. did not get everything accomplished that I wanted.. but there is some stuff to fly around and explore.. cant' pick up anything or get killed..  Lots or errors... only did a half assed job on most of the colliders, animations are not working, lots of details missing.. and I'm not happy with the "maze" yet.. but I'm really happy with updating this project from last year.. maybe next year I'll have it all working.

Day 5 Sept 9th... 

Well.. I got a character controller, and it mostly works.. from the Rocketship the Player can hit the END key to get out of the Rocket and explore a bit.. started expermenting with ways to make the maze..  No animation yet on any of the characters.... saving that for a later day

Sept 8th day 4..... I hate the fact that I made a Sun that orbits it's planet... (I said i'd never do that... ).. experimenting with adding the slightest bit of color. procrastinating on making a charcter controller, and enemies. 

added sound

added a simple "dashboard".. hoping to make that useful and interactive... (still procrastingating on making a character controller.. )

Sept 7th Day 3.. 

refined and fixed some gravity problems.. made a "galaxy map" that automatically loads when player reaches edge of area... and added a text to the screen to show player how far from edge they are...  

refining "atomic furnace".. which controls how much speed the engines give.. tapping the "up arrow" a few times gets the engines into the proper "gear"

September 6th... Day 2

got the basic universe recreated.. just need to populate it.. getting a werid issue where the "gravity" object seems to slide around casuing wierd physics. 

September 5th..  Day 1

made for Game Jam of the Week 165.. want to do a retro sci fi adventure...  starting with an unfinished idea from Week 117, and wow, that was when I was just starting to code, so spent about a day fixing errors etc.  Im gonna go for something like Major Havok.. or Space Hawk..

 BUT...   it barely fits the theme.. "one button mash" ....  in Major Havok, at the end of the Maze, there's a reactor, and player hits the button and reactor explodes.. 

100 megs.. kinda big file for a WebGl game.. I'll work on reducing that today. 


Download 119 MB
Download 119 MB

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