May 14... Made for Game Jam of the Week 148.. 

WASD for controls

(download version looks and plays much better than web brower version)


it's a M.U.L.E. clone.. I'm a big fan of Dani Bunyon… I'm not done... going to continue this for next week's jam too.. 

Moon rotates, so playing field is never the same.. but.. you can fall off the "edge" of the moon, and I didn't give the Player a way to recover from that yet. 

I kinda got distracted by driving around the moon.. it's Deimos, one of the Moons of Mars.. actually, one of my favorite places in the Solar System is on Deimos.. a valley where a ball will roll up-hill, towards the planet. 

Experimenting with having a few different planets... but I like Deimos so much, and there's a large enough area to explore... one moon might be enough. 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
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Made withUnity

Install instructions

unzip and play "weekly game jam 148"


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You have a really good eye for detail and are fantastic at producing high quality visual proofs of concept.


hey thanks.. mostly testing right now, but this project is particularly important to me