A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Game Jam of the Week 140...   (48 meg download)

concept.. episodic game.. in this scenario there is a facility that is about to explode, there are 24 workers at the facility that need to be rescued.. hit 4 on Keybaord, then W to angle nose down.. steer with A&D keys.. Follow the Red Arrow on your mini-map HUD in center of screen..Hit Keybaord 2 to turn off "upward thrusters"  land near the facility, workers should be running out.. Workers get tired after running for a while.. When Timer runs out.. the facility will explode.. try to rescue as many workers as possible (oops "score" not working yet) and get them back to a base. 

Fuller game would have hundreds of workers scattered around the Moon in many facilities, plus a simple storyline and "project exodus" final "episode" where the Moon people find and relocate to another Planet. 


Space2049Buildmarch19D.zip 47 MB