Made for Brackey's game jam.. theme of the jam is "rewind" .. I have a few people to thank for the idea and getting it started and scripts.. 

hit Spacebar to "rewind" the yoyo.. yeah.. that's it..  That spinning thing with the colourful trail is supposed to be the yo-yo.. 

no gameplay right now.. but I did learn how to use navmesh, so overall a good experience. 

it's a good prototype for a fun cyberpunk rhythm game with constant button mashing and fun obsticals to avoid... (but none of that is in this demo), but that's it.. pretty to look at

Special thanks and contributors

Angel Perez, Calverin, Rick Revenant, Ajikozau, 

, Hereotic, others probably, buildings by Herminio Nieves

music by Aquatone under C&C Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 International


Download 54 MB