A downloadable game

a nice map of Arrakis... some time before Paul. 

controls.. mousewheel to zoom.. thats' all right now. 

Goals... Learn how to get the Canvas Sliders to work, bonus if I can get units on screen doing things.

Feb 3, Day 3... adding some gameplay, well experimenting with stuff  

Feb 2.. Spent the day making Arrakis.. but I've got the Canvas issue I was having sorted out.... looks alright at maximum zoom

no sounds or music yet.. those bright spots are really really big lighting storms, part of the sandstorm effects. 

Feb 1.. 

I never finshed the Unity tutorials when I started out a yearago... I couldn't finish them for some reason.. maybe they were already out of date and I got frustrated.. but I know a little bit more now.. and going to give it a try again... MAINLY because I've got some "Canvas" errors in Unity in my 40K fangame.. and I've been advised to backtrack some and see where I went wrong... like having 11 canvases.. and 13 Cameras.. and other stuff

I'm a long time fan of the dune series, and with all the talk lately about the new movie coming out... 


build.zip 38 MB