for a while I've been wanting to make a series of windows.. that people could put up on their TV screen in a dark room and pretend they are looking out at a cool fantasy landscape or a space scene.. 

April 12

Added some "zoom" levels, get a closer view with keys 0-9.. Arrow Keys rotate the ship some, adjust your view.. touch zoom is working when using a mobile.. but mouse wheel zoom not yet working.. Think I might make a downloadable version as well.. should run and look a little better in download version. 

April 11

so, starting with a window on an old school rocket ship orbiting a barren world. 

just a viewport.. nothing to do.. you can rotate the ship a bit with the Arrow Keys.. working on a Zoom and some other things. 


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There's nothing to DL on this page? 

Looks cool though.

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Oops.. sorry for long reply, it plays in a browser, but i should update it and make a download version... working on a new "windows" right now, view of a pothole and an alien terrarium