A downloadable game for Windows

I've  always loved Lowell's drawing of Martian Canals. 

I'm more of an art person than a coder, but the plan is to have some kinda civilization on the planet, and have the water slowly evaporate into space, leaving Mars a desert...  but right now (nov 1) it's just a nice looking globe rotating... 

Nov 4.. no cities, no population yet.. working on making the surface water disappear

Nov 3 made some improvements, had some good feedback about the relief scale, made some changes. 

Oct 31

so, work in progress, made for Game Jam of the Week 120, but incomplete.. part of a larger project that I would like to do.. 

right now, it's an OK scene, view of the rotating planet


LowellsMarsNov04.zip 40 MB


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Visually striking! You've created something very unique here

thanks... and my wife just got me a 3D printer... so now I need to make one in real life