Work in progress Game jam of the Week 174

just PONG.. with some boxes and a kind of Advneture.. well, I got almost everything done quite early, and started experimenting with moving the world around, and adding a Bad Guy Castle, which was made of "Breakout" blocks.. I was gonna put the Sword in the Castle, and Player could grab it.. but.. it really killed the charm of just the simple PONG game.. so I'm torn. I really like it, but it was better before I added in the moving terrain and Breakout castle and other "Adventure!" stuff.. 

I'll upload the newer version as a download.. but I'll keep the browser version the way it is, becasue I'm just torn.. I'll come back and revisit this game later on..

Player 1 used WASD keys

Player 2 uses Arrow Keys

Spacebar resets game, if the ball gets lots.. which kinda happens alot.. working on that. Escape to Quit. Music by David Smith

Nov 8, day 3.. just cleaning up what I have, wrote some very basic dialogue.. but it's my first dialogue in a game, so it's a start. um.. yeah, I'm really having too much fun with it. .. for some reason the Wizard keeps disappearing.... but then.. thats wizards for you.. so.. still need to add in sounds. 

 Nov 9. Added in a couple AI players and a floor that moves a bit. no sounds or music yet.. or laser swords

Day one.. finally made a "Pong".. I got some good advice from a legendary game dev, and I'm going to try my best to make a nice game (with PONG as my start.. hopefully with lightsabers) without focusing on graphics. . I've got a week until game Jam ends, gonna try and add a bunch of Adventure elements, magic swords, etc.. 


Download 36 MB

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