all credit to the original devs (listed in game credits at start up),

Music by David Smith

WASD to move

W move UP

S moves Down

D moves Right,.. absolute Right, based on screenspace, not character facing, etc

OOPS... Spacebar restarts game.. I should fix that

Arrow keys to attack (not working yet)

Keyboard mouse buttons to zoom camera. 

Improvements over earlier version.. .Player can move in Y now,, that was broken before. gave humans and other aliens a bit more activity.. it's not done yet.. maybe needs one more game jam.. (I wasn;'t able to give this one the attention it deserves this week because I've been working on procedural solar systems. 

Day 5, July 8... fixed a lot of problems issues mistakes from the previous version.. now a lot more things work.. and i'm hoping to get the Player shooting done before the Jam ends.. right now.. Player cant shoot.. 

Music by David Smith

re-cycling my second "solo" game jam from 267 days ago. .. (oh lord, "267 days ago me" was sooo stupid!)

old version befriender


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I'm not sure what's going on but when I try running it (pressing space to start), it shows something like "tests normal" that slowly moves away for a few moments before cutting back to the title