A downloadable game for Windows

simulating the 40K galaxy.. 

what done? not much... start at a random location, go find Terra..

Work in progress on my Fangame more info here Battle o'er the Barren Moon by DerrickMoore (itch.io)

controls.. such as they are. 

zoom map view with Q&E

Home/End keys.. kinda tab between players "home sector" and Terra.. good for tracking fleets to Terra and back. 

Plus/Minus and Backspace are time controls (Plus/"=" key for "normal" time mode.. should take 800 hours to get to M41 at normal speed)

all the F-keyes toggle map layers for the selected unit (right now, just that Flagship), so f1 is a local galaxy map, f2 toggles tactical info, f3 toggles "warpsight" which you will need navigating through the Warp... because thats a big part of the sim, just knowing where Terra is


//removed for a bit Spacebar to increase thrust.. WASD, arrow keys and Q&E to manuever

//also out at the momentP&O for various warpgates (not really functuanal at the moment)

Minus, Plus and Backspace for speed controls (backspace is x20, so be careful with that one, and minus is 1/10th speed.. should take 800 hours to get to M41 at normal speed)

(several previous versions focusing on one aspect or another here on my itch page)

and here I am painting some 40k minis and talking about fangame. 

otherwise I just refer to here, previous big update (focusing on eliminating that floating point error so that the spaceships can be to scale with the planets) hereBattle o'er the Barren Moon by DerrickMoore (itch.io)

july 27.. some minor fixes made

Jan 5th,... Fangame update.. Had alot of feedback from "Barren Moon" and made some changes. 

Galaxy map.. nothing else... move around the Galaxy with Arrow keys.. about a 150 meg download

Jan 7th.. making a prototype set of "cards" along the top of the screen.. the plan is to have those cars activate and deactivate various units in the game..  right now there is just the voidship... 

Jan 17 .. slow going all week.. but its getting there.. still only the galaxy map, really... but made alot of improvements and imported planet system Id made earlier.. 

Jan 21 uploading new version


build2021.zip 231 MB
buildDarkCrusadersJuly2022.zip 237 MB


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Is this based off your earlier work of Journey to Terra?

yes, each version is a little closer to what it shouod be.. and usually has a big step, or problem solved.. like, having "planets to scale with the ship".. the planet is like 13000 times larger than the ship.. because i want planetary bombardment and stuff.. but had to w9rk aroubd alot of issues to get it to work..

The current project im working on, simple 2D side scroller, is really just me learnibg how to do Space Marines in the game..

But yeah.. Player is on a flagship, has an fleet of some sort, and starts with 100 marines.  That seems within my capabilities at the moment