Improve My Game Jam #5

luckily there was an "{improve my game" game jam coming up shortly after the "So Bad it's Good" jam, where I made Sauntering Downwards (my first solo project), and because of the theme of that game jam, I left in some of the gameplay problems... 

but, I told my wife I'd fix and finsh the game after the jam was over... and so.. SD needs;

2D collision boxes.. This was my first project using 2D Unity.. and I was just guessing a lot.. threw the game together in just a few days, after my original partner for the jam quit... but I learned last week why all my colliders weren't working here.. and that should be an easy fix

End Game.. Once the colliders2D are working, then I'll make them a trigger over the bench, and end the game when Crowley touches the Bench, and End game should just be credits/acknowledgement and ownership stuff (I am assuming that Neil Gaimen owns the game, as it is deriviative of his work.. and the author helped me out as a kid, and gave me some good ideas which I used later on, so I owe him)

(nobody in the previous jam thought about going "up".. and neither did my kid, or my wife.. but, "up" is an option, because my wife asked if "Alpha Centauri" was gonna be in the game.... and I thought, why not, makes more sense really, to go "up up up PAST the Heavyside Layer"

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94 days ago


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I forgot.. to do Alpha Centauri, I'll have to use my own gravity system instead of the Unity physics engine.. but that gravity script worked well in the last game jam, so I think I can just recreate it... 

and I would like to add in some 2D hinge joints to Crowley's arms and legs, to give him a ragdoll effect while falling... that might be beyond my abilities, since I've just not gotten hinges to work yet