Rescue the princess.. 

made for Weekly Game Jam 168.... 

goals.. I want the peasent character to run away from the Dragon, drop their sack, and I want the sack to  be able to catch fire.. that and a basic player controller this week and i'll be happy.  (.. eh, I got about half my goals completed this week. so not bad)


Q&E to zoom in or out

A&D Left and Right movement.. 

W to Fly

Mouse button shoots (dribbles.. ) fire.. other mouse button to stop the fire.. work in progress

stuff not done... 



town art



Oct 8.. still needs ALOT of work.. but. reminder to self.. just limit Player movment so they cant go below ) in Y instead of trying to use that collider the Dragon is contsantly getting stuck in.

October 2nd.. HAH, I am enjoying playing around with fire

A few mins after..  Seems to hit s spot when loading that takes forever.. up loaded a different version, but it still cloggs a bit.. I'll try to find and fix that

Day 6.. game jam ends in a couple hours, but I'm not gonna update it today (except i just updated the Download version.. then I couldnt help myself and updated the WebGl version.. becasue I improved fire a little.. ).. I'm working on fire and need to improve the Player controller.. I have a Discord server if anyone would like to voluneteer to help me add in some gameplay, and sounds, music, etc..

Day 5.. still no game.. will continue this one next week.. but no way I can finish it in time.. still loads of issues with the player controller, and I spent 2 days just looking at mideval depictions of "fire".. .. and I made a download version

Day 4.. fixed some graphics issues.. Dragonfire still wont "go".. starting to work on some NPCs and little buildings to burn... (prolly gonna need to spend at least another week on this just to get the basic goals in)

Day 3 fixed some errors, I like how you can land and "fast travel" on the background scenery.. gonna keep that.. having trouble with "dragon fire" and I need to start working on the humans and their castle..  been looking at alot of old art.. and this is basicly the look that I want in this tapestry.. not there yet.. 

Day 2.. doing the environment.. trying to make it look like a tapestry, and it's getting there. 

and night cycle

day 1 Sept 27th.. taking what I liked from last week and reworking it a bit.. still have the same problems, but trying to work them out.. and I have been wanting to do something based on medeval art for a long time.. 

I'm thinking simple Marion, "go rescue the princess" kinda game.. will take more than a week to do it justice... so I'm planning on spending 2 weeks, just concentraiting on Dragon stuff. heh.. it was a really crappy dragon game a couple years ago that inspired me to get back into making games. 


Download 62 MB

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